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Mail Portlet - When attempt to send a message you'll get: "Unable to send message." error message



      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Deploy the Mail EE portlet version 1.0.0 on a vanilla Liferay 6.1.20 (No portal-ext.properties)
      2) Add the Mail portlet to the Welcome page
      3) Set up a test gmail account (IMAP enabled) successfully!
      4) Click on the "Compose Email" function
      a) Fill out the following inputs: To,Subject,Body
      b) Click on save button
      c) Choose an attachment
      d) Save again
      5) Attempt to send an email message

      Observed behavior: Now you get the red warning message: "Unable to send message." and also got some exceptions in the log file. Attached: "liferay.2013-04-29.log"

      Another try, I've got these exceptions: "liferay.2013-04-30.log" with another account (custom one in my case)
      These accounts and the above functions works correctly if I add these accounts beside a specified one.


        1. liferay.2013-04-29.log
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          Zoltan Takacs
        2. liferay.2013-04-30.log
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          Zoltan Takacs



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