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asset link is generated as public one even when you are in the private site.



      After check 'view in a specific portlet', the webcontent url in private site changes to the public one.
      1. Create a new site (For example: the name is testsite). -> Add a private (test-private).
      2. Add 3 web contents in control panel.
      3. Add a asset publisher in the private page 'test-private'.
      NOTE: Three web contents can be shown in the Asset publisher portlet.
      4. Click the 'Configuration' icon in the right top of the Asset publisher.
      5. Choose 'View in a Specific Portlet' in the dropdown list of the 'Asset Link Behavior'. >Check the 'Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page'> Save.
      NOTE: I have checked the 'Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page'. Would you please let me know whether you have check this?
      6. In asset publisher, edit one of the web contents.> Click the 'Display page' tag.> Choose page 'test-private' in private page.-> Publish.
      7. Click the web content that we have edited.

      After that the url change to '...web/support/-/10502...'.


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