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Liferay Fixpack Core 5 Preventing SchedulerEntries From Running



      We have recently incorporated the inbound message board functionality into our product feature set. Prior to installing the Fixpack Core 5 - this was working correctly (with some minor patches - refer to LPS-33935).

      However, after installing the Core5 patch, we noticed that this functionality ceased to work.

      The easiest way to replicate the issue is by initially having an environment that does NOT contain Core 5:

      1. enable support for inbound messages via POP3 in portlet-ext.properties - and have it poll for messages every minute
      2. restart the server
      3. in the control panel under -> Server -> Server Admin -> Mail - add credentials to a test pop3 account but make sure that either username or password is incorrect

      At this point you should note that every minute there are ERROR messages within the Console/Logs that are from the POPNotificationsMessageListener saying that it authentication failed.

      Now go ahead and install the Fixpack Core 5:

      1. Stop server
      2. move fixpack to /patching-tool/patches directory
      3. run ./patching-tool.sh install
      4. Restart the server

      What you should now witness is that these messages no longer appear in the logs. And this is where I am now stuck and seem to get no closer to an answer despite having tried the following:

      1. thread dump for both scenarios above -> saw no relevant differences between the threads
      2. utilized the Control Panel -> Server -> Server Admin -> Script tab to execute a javascript to inspect the state of the Quartz scheduled jobs. As far as I can tell - these are getting their nextFire and lastFired dates updated. So it seems to me like Quartz is thinking everything is running as normal
      3. running the server in debug mode in both scenarios. If I put breakpoints in the POPNotificationsMessageListener class for example - I'm only getting a hit when the Core5 fixpack is uninstalled.
      4. upping the logging verbosity across a number of different packages (i've attached a copy of my portal-log4j-ext.xml file that I've been using
      5. removing what appear to be relevant .class files from the Core 5 fixpack codebase in an attempt to see if any of these are responsible:
        1. com.liferay.portal.kernel.messaging.BaseAsyncDestination/ParallelDestination & SerialDestination
        2. com/liferay/portal/scheduler/quartz/QuartzSchedulerEngine

      For now our option is to either fake this out by monitoring our inbound queue and manually recreating these messages in the relevant messageboard – or rolling out the Core 5 fix pack.

      I would really like to get confirmation that someone else is seeing this and hopefully a suggestion or solution.

      If I can provide any more information in getting this resolved - please let me know what you need.


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