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Document Subtype is not retained within Asset Publisher when published to live in a staging environment



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Launch 2 clean bundles of Liferay

      Bundle 2:

      1. Change the ports from the default 8080 to 9080
      2. Navigate to Control Panel -> Sites
      3. Click Add -> Blank Site
      4. Create a site called Remote
      5. Note the site ID

      Bundle 1:

      1. Navigate to Control Panel -> Site Setting
      2. Enable Remote Live staging and Save
        • address:localhost
        • port:9080
        • context: blank
        • site id: the site from bundle 2
      3. Navigate to Documents and Media
      4. Click Add and select the Marketing Banner subtype
      5. Upload a document and Save
      6. Navigate to the Welcome page
      7. Add the Asset Publisher portlet
      8. Click on the wrench and select Configuration
      9. Change the Asset Type to Documents and Media Document
      10. Change the Document Subtype to Marketing Banner and Save
      11. Click on Staging and select Publish to Live Now
      12. Accept the default settings and click Publish
      13. Navigate to the Live Welcome page

      Intended Results: the Asset Publisher portlet would display the uploaded files based off the filter type set
      Actual Result: the Asset Publisher portlet displays no results


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