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Web Content List not showing structured content after version upgrade


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start up 6.1.20 bundle
      2. Add Web Content List, Asset Publisher and Web Content Display portlets to any page (Welcome, or created)
      3. Add a WC through WCD
        • Within the Basic WC creator, click 'Select' next to Structure
          • Add a Text field named 'text'
          • Add a Text Box field named 'text_box'
        • Create a Template based on the structure, replacing the template helper lines with ones below in Launch Editor
          • <p>$text.getData()</p>
        • Create a WC based on the structure --> put something memorable in each field
      4. Configure each portlet to display content through the filter of the added Structure.
        • Assert Web Content List portlet shows structured WC after filter is in place
      5. Create a Basic WC
      6. Shut Down 6.1.20 bundle
      7. Before starting up 6.2.x, make sure to add the following line in its portal-ext (and make sure the Home folder is the same directory as the 6.1.20 Home folder directory):
      8. Without changing or deleting anything else, startup the 6.2.X bundle
      9. User will notice console exceptions amidst the portal version and database upgrade (see attached txt file)
      10. Navigate to the Welcome page

      Expected result:
      Web Content List portlet will show WC created from the structure created in 6.1.20, just as the other portlets do (see ListNotListing screenshots--both shown, because the error is present regardless of the alloy).

      Actual result:
      Web Content List does not show structured content created in, and upgraded from, 6.1.20.

      Note: pre-AlloyUI changes 6.2.x GIT ID: 9b5c4de26c58769cdcfb3c7dd13dc26e021c1119.


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