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Display message in Navigation Configuration Preview when no navigation is available.



      As a user of Portal, when configuring the Navigation Portlet, I'd like a message displayed in the Preview area when no navigation will display.

      It's currently confusing when a blank Preview is displayed, and no hint as of why.

      === Steps to reproduce the behavior ===
      1. Start portal
      2. Sign in with an Test test user
      3. Place Navigation portlet on Welcome page
      4. Open the Configuration panel of Navigation portlet

      >>> Now, you can see a preview displayed that belongs to the default display style: "Relative with Breadcrumb"

      5. Change "Display style" to "From Level 2 With Title"

      >>> Preview is empty. Nothing is displayed.

      6. Change back to the previous style >>> You can see the preview again.

      === Background ===
      Navigation portlet uses the liferay-ui:navigation taglib for both displaying the navigation itself for the the preview generation.

      "/portal-web/docroot/html/taglib/ui/navigation/page.jsp" has a logic that sometimes generates an empty navigation depending on the current layout tree level where the portlet was placed on.




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