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Chat's sender will not see his message if he navigates to another page immediately after sending the message



      Reproduction Steps
      1 - Deploy chat portlet
      2 - Start Portal
      3 - Add another user, add him to the guest site (via Site Memberships)
      4 - Log in with test user on one browser
      5 - Add another page, page2
      6 - Log in with user user on another browser
      7 - Send a message with user to Test, then click on page2 after the message appeared on the sender's chat window, but before it appeared on the recipient's window

      Result: On the new page, the sender will not see his message, however the recipient will receive it. The entries are stored in the DB correctly.

      According to my investigation in the _createChatSession method the "if (entry.flag)" line filters these messages. This was applied in LPS-33278 and I think should be modified in order to update the freshly sent messages in the chat output panel.


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