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Pound sign in URL title should be normalized before saving



      1 - Edit your hosts file so localhost points to lportal.com
      2 - In Control Panel -> Site Settings -> Site URL, set public pages to lportal.com
      3 - Create a page, call it "Display"
      4 - Add an Asset Publisher to this page
      5 - Configure AP, check "Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page"
      6 - Create page, call it "Content"
      7 - Add Asset Publisher in Content
      8 - Configure Asset Publisher to show content in Specific Portlet
      9 - Add Web Content which has a special character in its title, e.g. the £ symbol (U+00A3 POUND SIGN)
      10 - Select "Display Page", then select "Display" as the page to display.
      11 - Click on the link on page "Content"

      On 6.1.20 you will be redirected to the Welcome page, on 6.1.x and trunk you will get an error as the page is not found.

      The reason is that the pound sign is not being normalized from the URL title upon saving the article.


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