We will extend the dataLevel pattern in the portlet data handlers to have 3 levels: Portal, Site and Portlet Instance.

      In the Site Export UI we will only display the Site Level data handlers.


      You can check if a portlet is "Portal Level or "Portlet Instance" in their PortletDataHandler class (see setDataLevel calls). To help in the validation of this story, here are the lists of current Portal Level and Portlet Instance portlets. Please notice that these lists might change in the future:

      Portal Level portlets. Basically those portlets with Portal-wide data so they are managed not from Site Admin but from Control Panel:

      • Site Templates
      • Page Templates
      • Password Policies
      • Roles
      • User Groups
      • Users and Organizations

      Portal Instance portlets. Normally display-type portlets that don't contain data by themselves, but only preferences.

      • Categories Navigation
      • Asset Publisher
      • Blogs Aggregator
      • Document and Media Display
      • Web Content Display
      • Polls Display
      • RSS
      • Wiki Display

      Site Level portlets:

      • All others

      In the Export/Import/Publish to Live dialogs, under the Content panel only "Site Level" portlets are listed. By default, all portlets are "Site Level", so in other words, "Portal Level" and "Portlet Instance" porlets will be excluded from this list. This means that, for example, the Roles portlet will never be listed under the Content list when exporting/publishing a site, even if there are exportable roles.


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