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CDI Portlet Bridge is unable to discover CDI/Weld BeanManager on JBoss AS 7



      This issue was first reported in the forums.

      When deploying the jsf2-cdi-portlet on JBoss AS 7, the CDIContextLitener.java contextInitialized(ServletContextEvent) method is unable to discover the CDI BeanManager instance.

      The reason why it is failing, is because when running under JBoss AS, the instance is supposed to be retrieved via JNDI.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Build the jsf2-cdi-portlet from the 3.1.x branch (see the Building Liferay Faces From Source wiki article for help)

      2. Deploy the jsf2-cdi-portlet to Liferay+JBoss using the following command:

      mvn -P jboss clean install liferay:deploy

      3. Add the jsf2-cdi-portlet to a portal page

      4. Visit the portal page in the browser

      If the bug still exists, then there will be a stacktrace in the server log and the portlet will show an error message.

      If the bug is fixed, then the portlet will function properly and there will be no stacktrace in the server log.




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