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On dockbar MySite links pointing to sites with site urls don't put you on the virtual host of the target pageset



      Reproduction Steps

      1. Navigate to Control Panel
      2. Add 3 sites, and specify the following:
        • Name: "one", Site Url: one.guest.com
        • Name: "two", Site Url: two.guest.com
        • Name: "def", Site Url: lportal.com
      3. Add a public page to each of the above
      4. In Control Panel, select Liferay (Default guest site), specify the following site url: "guest.com"
      5. In your hosts file (/etc/hosts on linux, or %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc on windows), include the following:
        • guest.com
        • one.guest.com
        • two.guest.com
        • lportal.com
      6. - Navigate to guest.com:8080 and log in

      Clicking on the Go To link in the dockbar, then clicking on the individual sites, the following happens:
      RESULTSET 1 (all from guest.com):
      I - one -> from guest.com you get redirected to one.guest.com (good)
      II - two -> from guest.com you get redirected to two.guest.com (good)
      III - def -> from guest.com you get redirected to guest.com/web/def/home (bad)

      RESULTSET 2 (all from one.guest.com)
      I - guest -> from one.guest.com, you get redirected to one.guest.com/web/guest/home (bad)
      II - two -> from one.guest.com, you get redirected to one.guest.com/web/two/home (bad)
      III - def -> from one.guest.com, you get redirected to one.guest.com/web/def/home (bad)

      Expected result: You should always be redirected to the virtual host of the site

      Additional Information

      This issue arose before, and a forum thread was opened for discussing the way it should work.



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