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When localization flags bar is present, user has to click twice on a link or button to perform an action


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Click Admin > Site Administration > Web Content > Manage > Structures
      2. Start to add a Structure > give it a Title and a Text field
      3. Click Save
      4. (Optionally repeating these steps in Dynamic Data Lists > Manage Data Definitions > Add will yield the same result)

      Expected result:
      Clicking Save once will save the changes to the newly created Structure.

      Actual result:
      Clicking Save (or anywhere below the DDM editor tool) collapses the language localization flag array (see LocalizationFlagArray screenshot) that displays between the Name and its corresponding text field. Clicking Save a second time saves the changes.

      Note: this applies to all instances where the localization flags bar displays--so clicking Save, Select, or any link below the bar will first act to collapse the bar, then the user can perform the intended action.

      This is present in:

      1. The DDM form builder
      2. DDL when selecting a data definition
      3. Template editors in WC and DDL
      4. Site Template editor

      ...and potentially more locations.


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