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Translations are lost when unsetting Localizable checkbox from other instances of a repeatable field.



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create structure with repeatable field (let's say Text field with name Question)
      2. Add a dummy template for this structure
      3. Add Web Content item with the selected structure. Make sure you check Question field as Localizable. Add 4 Question field instances (all Localizable) in the article and type some text on each one of them. Save as Draft.
      4. Click on Add Translation and select any language (say Bulgarian). Add translations for all the Question field instances. Update and Save as Draft.
      5. Edit the article. Uncheck the Localizable checkbox from the 2nd Question field instance. A warning message appears, accept that you shall lose translation on the selected Question instance. Save as Draft.
      6. Edit the article. All field instances starting from the 2nd one are marked as not Localized! If you click to edit the Bulgarian translation they do not appear. If you check the Localized checkboxes on the 3rd and 4th Question field instances, and then edit the Bulgaria translation, no content appears either.


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