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Would like 2 enhancements made for Alert Portlet



      The following two enhancements would make the use of the Alerts portlet more practical and convenient:

      1. Provide the ability to give a Role the ability to select "General" from the Alerts/Announcements Distribution Scope. Currently, only the user with the Administrator Role has the ability to select "General" from the Alerts/Announcements Distribution Scope. It would be great if Liferay could extend this ability to a non-Admin user who has been assigned a specific Role to do so. Understandably, there is a potential risk for abuse and concern for this, but if an Admin gives this right to a role, then there is already a trust that has been established for the users of that role to perform their duties as requested or possibly face the consequences.

      2. Provide the ability to select a multiple of Distribution Scopes for a single event. A use-case would be since a client has many of their roles based on their Country, they often need to let more than one country know about something-this is in a global environment.




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