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Memory leak found running under WebLogic due to session id delimiter



      Under WebLogic middleware, the session id used to track sessions needs to take a delimiter into account, which is "!" by default. If this issue is still occurring you will find attributes or objects set on the session to still have references to them in memory remaining after the "Sign out" link is clicked.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      0. Install Liferay Portal 6.1.1 CE GA2 on WebLogic in accordance with these instructions http://www.liferay.com/community/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Deploying+JSF+Portlets+on+Oracle+WebLogic

      1. Start the Liferay Portal

      2. Download the attached LPS-36492-leaktest-portlet-1.0.war artifact

      3. Copy the war to the Liferay /deploy folder

      4. Add the LPS-36492-leaktest-portlet-1.0.war portlet to a portal page

      5. Reload the page

      6. click on the Submit button in the portlet

      7. Check that the error log shows a message stating "leakedThing has been put on the PortletSession ..."

      8. install and launch VisualVM

      9. Double click on the WebLogic jvm

      10. Click on "Sampler"

      11. Click on the "Memory" button

      12. In the "[Class Name Filter](Contains)" textbox at the bottom type "LeakedThing" and press enter

      13. You should see at least 1 instance of the LeakedThing object.

      14. Click on the "Sign out" link to sign out of Liferay

      15. Once signed out, check again in VisualVM and if you have this issue you will still see 1 instance of the LeakedThing even after pressing on the "Perform GC" button.

      16. If there are no memory leaks then you will no longer see the LeakedThing after pressing Perform GC.

      The test portlet demonstrates that there is an issue at the time of this entry where objects placed on the PortletSession will not be removed after signing out.


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