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Taglib input_localized is not accessible for screen readers



      Even though this component is accessible by keyboard, it is very hard to use by screenreaders.

      Users need to know which language they are editing. The label (or the title of the input) should include the language being edited. The fact that some languages have a translation, or is the default or are selected can not be only visual, there should be some text explaining it (and then we can hide it using css, either text-indent or clip).

      The <img> tags MUST HAVE alt attribute!!

      • if we want screen readers to ignore the image, it should be: alt=""
      • better if we can provide some meaning such as the language being edited.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Deploy test portlet
      2. Add test portlet to the page
      3. Open Developer Tools in the Browser and inspect one of the flags.
      4. Find the img tag for the flag.
      Expected Behavior: The img tag should have an alt attribute that describes the contents of the image.
      Actual Behavior: There is no alt attribute.


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