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Cannot resize portlet after clicking inside the portlet in Freeform layout



      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Change a page layout to freeform
      2) Add a portlet to the page

      due to LPS-37344
      3) on the portlet right click > inspect element
      4) find the portlet-boundary container and change the "top" position of the portlet to 150px. This moves the portlet below the top banner thereby making it accessible.

      5) resize the portlet (able to do so)
      6) click anywhere inside the portlet
      7) resize the portlet again (unable to do so)

      Actual result:
      the mouse will show the resize indicator but instead of resizing, the portlet contents are highlighted

      Expected result:
      the portlet will resize

      I see the correct behavior when I set a break point at _onPortletMouseDown in layout_freeform.js, this fixes the issue when we click inside the portlet but not when we drag. Perhaps there is a race condition?

      last known working commit: 8861be4
      first known bad commit: 59f8410


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