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Auto Fields does not update Form Validator for cloned (new) fields



      In an Auto Fields Form, when User attempts to submit a cloned (newly created) field with bad data, Form Validator does not initialize to block the bad field. Likewise, once Form Validator is activated, if bad field is deleted, Form Validator is not updated to allow form submission.

      To Reproduce:

      • Go to Control Panel -> Users and Organizations -> Test Test (default user)
      • In Form Navigator (side panel), go to Additional Email Addresses
      • Add one good email address (<name>@<site>.com)
      • Save form
      • Add a bad email (blablah)
      • Save form (should not be able to save if Form Validator is up to date)
      • Click on bad email and type something. Form Validator should activate
      • Delete bad email. Try to save (cannot save)

      Form Validator does not activate to validate newly cloned field, nor when cloned field with bad data (unstored field) is deleted. So Form Validator allows Save when it should not, and does not allow Save when it should.




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