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Web Content Structure Default Value Not Being Saved



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Control Panel>Web Content>Structures Tab
      2. Create New Structure
      3. Click [Add Row] button under XML Schema Definition
      4. Structure Element Name: Image Box (be sure to include space between Image & Box)
      5. Structure Element Type: Text
      6. Click [Add Row] button under XML Schema Definition
      7. Structure Element Name: Author
      8. Structure Element Type: Text
      9. Click>Save
      10. Return to Web Content>Structures
      11. Click>Actions>Edit Default Values
      12. Check “Localize” radio box for all elements
      13. Set default text value for Image Box element as: Images Go Here
      14. Set default text value for Author element as: Author's Name
      15. Click>Save
      16. Return to Web Content>Structures
      17. Click>Actions>Edit Default Values to view saved data

      Expected Result:
      The text assigned as new default structure values would appear under their structure elements and elements checked as “Localizable” would remain checked.

      Actual Result:
      The assigned value for Image Box element is missing/not saved and the “Localizable” was unchecked for Image Box element as well.
      Notice that the Author element with no space was saved and the Image Box element that includes a space in the name was NOT saved.




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