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When 'Searchable' is not checked, cannot select Web Content in Asset Publisher even with correct permissions.



      Feature Summary:
      The client would like to be able to have a Web Content article not show up when searched for. He has been unchecking 'Searchable' when creating the articles. When this is done, the web content is not available to be manually selected in the Asset Publisher. This should in fact not prohibit the finding of the item in the Asset Publisher.

      Please add more options to the 'Searchable' option when posting new Web Content like:

      • Show in all searches
      • Show only in searches within administrative UIs
      • Never show in searches

      This will allow for the non searchable assets to be displayed in the Asset Browser.

      Steps to reproduce / testing done:
      1. Log in as Admin.
      2. Create Web Content. Unselect 'Searchable' before publishing. Publish.
      3. Search for Web Content through Search Portlet on main page. Shouldn't get result.
      4. Add Asset Publisher to page. Configure it so that the content is selected automatically.
      5. Attempt to select the created Web Content.
      6. It doesn't show up.
      Results of steps / testing:
      I was unable to select the Web Content in the Asset Browser.

      Ideal Result: When the Web Content is not Searchable, it should still be allowed to be accessed in the Asset Publisher.
      Actual Result: When the Web Content is not Searchable, it is not showing up in the Asset Publisher.

      Thank you.


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