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Dynamic data definitions in site templates are not propagated to sites



      1. Create a site template
      2. Add a dynamic data list portlet to a page in the site template
      3. Add a dynamic data definition to the site template (the one I created had just a single text element). Do not create any dynamic data list.
      4. Create a new site based on the site template, with "Enable propagation of changes from the site template" flagged

      Expected result: The dynamic data definition is available in the newly created site

      Actual result: On the site, it is not possible to create a dynamic data list based on the dynamic data definition from the site template. The list of dynamic data definitions is empty. Stack traces are present in the application server log.

      Attaching the stack trace from server.log

      Version: Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.2.0 CE M6 (Newton / Build 6200 / June 14, 2013)
      App server: JBoss 7.1.1


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