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Email Verification feature loops when you click on "Change Email Address"



      Short description of the issue:
      Given that a user attempts to create a new account, but enters the wrong email address on accident, and the feature for Enabling Email Verification is enabled, the first time this user logs on, they will be presented with a field to enter an email verification code. There is an option to change the email, but clicking on this button does not function as intended. The user is unable to change their email address. Instead, they are asked to change their password. When they attempt to, they are kicked back to the original email verification page with an error message that indicates that they have inputted an incorrect verification code.

      Steps to reproduce / testing done:

      1. In a new bundle, I have started up the server
      2. I have signed in as the Administrator and created a new account
      3. I have enabled verification for users (Control Panel > Portal Settings > Authentication > Check off Enable Email Verification)
      4. I have logged out of the Administrator's account, and signed in with the new user's account
      5. I am presented with the Terms of Service and accept (see attached screenshot)
      6. I am presented with a request for a verification code, and assuming that I have typed in the wrong email address, I click on "Change Email Address" (see attached screenshot)
      7. This is the step where my steps differ from yours. While the customer is presented with a request for a custom challenge code, I am presented with a request to create a new password (see attached screenshot)
      8. I enter a new password and I am looped back to the page requesting a verification code with an error message as the customer is seeing (see attached screenshot)

      In other use cases, the user is presented with a Password Challenge Question (e.g. "What is your father's first name?"), but the same result of being redirected to the Email verification code page with the error message occurs.

      Results of steps / testing:
      Instead of going forward with the email verification change, I am kicked back to the "Enter Email Verification Code" page with an error.

      I am kicked back to the Enter Email Verification code page and told "Please enter a valid verification code."

      Testing in 6.1.20 EE
      Initially discovered in this version.

      Testing in 6.1.X:
      Reproduced in 6.1.X

      Testing in Trunk:
      Reproduced in Trunk

      End Goal:
      Repair the issue with email verification loop around when the user attempts to change their email address.


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