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Print mode of Web Contents is not working when the Web Content is rendered from Asset Publisher



      1. Add an Asset Publisher to a page (page1).

      2. Configure the Asset Publisher:
      a) Asset selection > Web Content
      b) enable Print
      c) enable Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page

      3. From Admin Site Content

      • Add a WC Structure (str1) with a single text field, called field.
      • Add a velocity template (tpl1) with the next content:
      value of viewMode: ${viewMode} 
      content: ${field.data}

      4. Add a str1 Web Content:

      • title: wc1
      • field: sample
      • Set page1 as Display Page.

      5. Go to page1: Asset Publisher displays wc1 as follows:

      value of viewMode: view
      content: sample

      6. Click in Read more link: Asset Publisher displays wc1 with a print icon.

      7. Click in Print icon of wc1.

      Result: A new window is oppened to print the wc1, but the content is rendered in view mode (just with value of viewMode: view)

      Expected: A new window is oppened to print the wc1 (just with value of viewMode: print)

      Note: If you add a Web Content display to the page1 and configure it to display wc1 and enable print, printing the wc1 you also get the expected behaviour:

      value of viewMode: print
      content: sample


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