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Problem to send signed AuthnRequest messages



      I would like to enable signed AuthnRequest messages for the SAML Portlet. I've already set the saml.sp.sign.authn.request property in portal-ext.properties to true and the http://localhost:8080/c/portal/saml/metadata metadata correctly shows <md:SPSSODescriptor AuthnRequestsSigned="true" ...

      However, the sent AuthnRequest is still not being signed. I already debugged and found out that the outboundSAMLMessageSigningCredential in the samlMessageContext is correctly set. I think one reason for this problem is that when I click on the Sign In link, the HTTP-Redirect Binding is used which obviously does not support signatures because of the limited URL length.

      Hence, I've set the IDP metadata to HTTP-Post in order to force Liferay to use POST binding. However, I get an Exception when I click on Sign In because LR wants to use HTTP-Redirect and this is not allowed anymore due to this changed config. So, on one hand, there seems to be no support for HTTP-POST binding for AuthnRequest, yet. But on the other hand, there is this saml.sp.sign.authn.request property which should enable AuthnRequest signing.

      Best Regards from UBL, Neu-Isenburg, Germany.




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