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Blogs previous and next link take me to the same blog entry



      Reproduced in Branch & Master

      Steps to reproduce:
      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Log in with [email protected]/test
      2) Create a page "Blogs" and add Blogs portlet on it.
      3) Now add following 4 Blog entries with same Display Date (July-29-2013 9:00 AM).
      a)Title: Test 01
      b)Title: Test 02
      c)Title: Test 03
      d)Title: Test 04
      4) Now click on the title of 2nd Blog i.e "Test 02"
      5) Blogs portlet displays "Test Blog Entry 02" blog with "Previous" and "Next" link for navigation.
      6) If you click "Next" link then it displays same blog i.e it displays "Test 02" Blog with "Previous" and "Next" link for navigation. If you go on clicking "Next" it will still display the same entry.
      7) Now click "Back" and click on the First entry i.e. "Test 01" and then click on "Next", it shows the "Test 02" entry and then again it is stuck at "Test 02" entry when you go on clicking "Next".
      8) Even try clicking the "Previous" link and it is still stuck at the same entry.

      You can click on any entry first and than try clicking next or previous links in succession, a point will come when you are stuck at just one entry. If it is the last entry ideally it should have a Next or Previous link disable.


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