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      I have tried to create a workflow for comments that are left on our blog posts. My efforts included a number of configurations built from the single approver workflow but regardless of what I try the designer breaks my code. The failures occur to varying degrees. For example if I try to add the code below in to the design editor and save as a new version, it either gives me the error "Please enter valid content." or it rewrites the code, removes all the html, and the velocity tags don't work.

      Here is the code I am entering into the notification after changing the type to velocity

        1. All attributes
          ##set ( $debug = ${serviceContext.getAttributes()} )
        2. URL to page:
          #set ( $url = ${serviceContext.getAttribute("contentURL")} )
          ##Latest comment
          #set ( $body = ${serviceContext.getAttribute("body")} )
          The new comment is <strong>$body</strong>
          <br />The comment is on page $url :
          <p>With Love,<br /><strong>Liferay</strong></p>

      I have resolved that a new xml file works when I upload it but I can not edit it after that point. I have used trial and error, constantly changing and re-uploading xml files each time. After days of this I got the velocity part working and notifications that go out to our entire team. The remaining problem I have is the assignment of the workflow task. I have tried assigning it to the Asset creator and notifying this assignee but no email ever goes out. Attached is my latest file. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

      Thank you,




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