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Deleting a Globally scoped Dynamic Data List from a Site Template will prevent pages from being created in Sites



      If you create a Globally scoped DDL Record while on a Site Template, then later delete it, any Sites you created from the template will not be able to inherit pages. Basically, you'll create a blank Site.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Create a Site Template
      2. Click on Actions -> Manage Pages. View it's home page.
      3. Add a Dynamic Data List portlet to the page
      4. Click on Select List -> Scope. Set it to Global.
      5. Go back to the DDL portlet and click on Add List.
      6. Click on Select -> Add. Add a new DDL and Choose it.
      7. Click on Add Data to create a new record using your newly created DDL
      8. Go to Control Panel, click on Sites, and go to the Global site.
      9. Click on Dynamic Data Lists, and delete the record you created.
      10. Go back to Sites and create a new site with the Site Template.
      You'll receive a stacktrace regarding the DDL (DDL-exception.txt), and the Home page will not be created in the new Site.

      Reproduced on Master commit ad487fb93144ff391ca0401cb2b1f54013827ff9


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