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Move "Edit permissions" action from the actions menu to the edit form



      When creating a content, for example, blogs, the author can set the view permission for the most common roles. However when editing the entity it is not possible to change this permissions from the edit form. The goal of this improvement is to provide a way to change the permissions from that edit form. Since the edit permissions UI is complex and cannot be inserted within the form, it will be provided through a pop-up.

      Currently the way to access the permissions UI is through an action called "Permissions" in the actions menu. We have received feedback from users that this action is considered confusing and it's not clear what it is for (probably the fact that it doesn't have a verb like most other actions doesn't help). The new location within the edit form makes the purpose more clear, so the idea is to remove it from the actions menu.

      There is only one case in which it must still be necessary for "Permissions" to appear in the actions menu: when the user has permission to change the permissions of a content but not to edit it. While this is a rare case, the permission system allows for it so it must be properly handled.


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