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ADD_ARTICLE permission is not enough to add new Web Content from Structure with Default Values



      === Steps to reproduce
      1- Log in with Test Test
      2- Create a new Structure S1 on Liferay site
      (Note: In 6.2.x, you need to grant VIEW permission for Power User on this structure)

      3- Edit Default Values of S1
      4- Create a new Site/Regular Role "R1" (type doesn't matter) & define the following permission for this role:

      4.a: 6.1.x

      • Web Content | Access in Control Panel | Scope: Portal
      • Web Content | View | Scope: Portal
      • Web Content | Web Content Management | Add Content | Scope: Portal

      4.b: 6.2.x

      • Sites > Site: Go to Site Administration (chosen automatically)
      • Web Content: Access in Site Administration
      • Web Content: View
      • Web Content > Web Content: Add Web Content
      • Web Content > Web Content: View

      5- Create a new user U1 (do not forget to set password)
      6- Assign this user to Liferay site
      7- Assign him role R1
      8- Log in with U1
      9- Go to Control Panel/Web Content - Admin(Content)
      10- Try to add a new Web Content using structure

      Problem "Save as Draft" & "Publish" buttons are missing

      11- Define UPDATE permission for role R1 on Web Content >>> Now, user U1 is able to add a new Web Content using structure R1


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