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Would like thread display list from Message Board and article display from Knowledge Base portlet to show Drafts




      Currently, the main display for threads (Message Boards portlet) and main display for articles (Knowledge Base) does not show items that are Drafts. It would be helpful if a feature can be added so that the main display for both of these portlets show the Status of "drafted" items.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Deploy Message Boards and Knowledge Base Portlet.
      2. In Message Boards portlet, create a thread and publish it.
      3. In Message Boards portlet, create a thread and "Save as Draft."
      4. Notice that in the main page listing of Threads, the "draft' thread is not shown.
      5. In Knowledge Base portlet, create a regular article.
      6. In Knowledge Base portlet, save a article as a draft.
      7. Similar to Message Boards portlet, go to the main display listing of articles, and notice the draft is not listed.

      The feature enhancement would be to list the "Drafts" in the main display for the Message Boards and Knowledge Base Portlet.




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