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Subscriptions to content on Private Pages persist after leaving the Site in the My Subscriptions Portlet



      Description of the Issue

      It's been found that when subscribed to content on a site's private pages (such as Message Board thread, Wiki thread, Blog, etc), that if you leave that particular site, those subscriptions will still appear in your "My Subscriptions". Clicking on those subscriptions after leaving a site results in a "page not found" message.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1) Open Liferay
      2) Create two sites: Site #1 and Site #2
      3) Load the "my-subscriptions-portlet-" and place it on Site #1
      4) Create a private page for Site #2 and ensure that you have multiple content links throughout Site #2 on private site pages that you can subscribe to (including Wiki, Message Board, and Blog). Subscribe to the content.
      4) Create a User and grant him membership to Site #2. Log in as that user.
      6) Go to Site #2 and subscribe to content on that Site.
      7) Go to Site #1 and verify that the subscriptions show in the My Subscriptions portlet and that the links work for the subscriptions.
      8) Leave Site #2
      9) Go back to Site #1 and view the My Subscriptions Portlet

      Expected Result: All subscribed content from Site # 2 would be gone.
      Actual Result: All subscribed content from site # 2 still appears and the links either take you to a "Page Not Found" error or Site #1 page simply refreshes




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