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LAR import fails in "Copy As New" mode if there are referenced DL files in web contents



      1. Add an image file to the Document Library
      2. Create a web content article and insert the previously added image within the content of the article (select it with the built in tool of CKEditor)
      3. After saving the article, go to any page of the site and add a Web Content Display portlet
      4. Select the previously created web content to be displayed in it
      5. Click on the Options of the portlet (wrench icon) then on Export/Import
      6. Export the data of the portlet to a LAR file
      7. Create a new blank site and add a page to it
      8. Go to the new site's page and add a Web Contet Display portlet
      9. Click on the Options of the portlet (wrench icon) then on Export/Import
      10. Go to Import, select the LAR file you exported previously
      11. Select "Copy As New" for the Data Strategy and start the import

      On trunk: The import will be successful, but the image within the web content will be missing

      On 6.1.x: The import will result in a NoSuchFileEntryException and the process will be aborted


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