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Folder-related PortletDataHandlers are not removing child folders that are in trash



      Scenario: Models that can be contained in folders are not deleted properly when removing the Group they belongs. More specificly, subfolders whose parent has been removed (from trash) are affected by this bug.

      This issue can be replicated within BookmarksFolder, MBCategories, DLFolders, JournalFolders.

      0) Create a new Site (remember that groupId)
      1) Create a parent folder, named parent
      2) Create a subfolder, named child
      3) Sent child to trash
      4) Sent parent to trash
      5) Remove the parent from trash
      6) Go to MySQL and execute this query:

      select folderId, groupId, name, description, status from BookmarksFolder where groupId=YOUR_GROUPID;

      There will be one record on this table:

      | folderId | groupId |  name | description | status |
      |    48085 |   48072 | child |             |      8 |

      7) Delete the site
      8) Execute the query again

      Expected behaviour: Empty set
      Actual behaviour: The folder has not been deleted with the group, so there is 1 row in the resultset.




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