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Sub Folders are not inheriting permissions in Document Library



      Reproduced in Branch & Master

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Created fresh instance of Liferay 6.1 GA 2 on our cent OS environment, with no customization pure OOTB
      2. Created a private Site "Test Site" using test (default) user, with private pages.
      3. Created a User "test1"
      4. Created a Site Role "Restricted View" (with no permissions on the Role)
      5. Create a folder "Parent" in "Test Site" in Document Library
      6. Created 2 sub folders "Child 1" and "Child 2"
      7. Tried accessing the site using "Test1" user, he failed to access (as he does not have access on the site)
      8. Added "Test1" user to "Test Site" and tried again to access Parent folder and now he was able to access
      9. Removed permission of View Documents from the Parent Folder and child folders for the the "Site Member" Role.
      10. Tried accessing Parent folder for Test1 user and he didn't see the folder now.
      11. Added View Document permission on the "Parent" folder for "Restricted View" Role, and grant this role to Test1.
      12. Tried accessing Parent folder using Test1 user, he is able to view Parent folder but not the Child folders.

      Expected Results:
      Child folders should be accessible once the Role have view access on the parent folder.


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