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Help messages from site pages from a site template or page template are partially hidden behind the dockbar


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      After changes in a site page from a site template, the help message is partially hidden behind the dockbar.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a Site (IntraSp) from a Site Template (eg. Intranet Site). -> Enable changes propagation.
      2. Navigate to the IntraSp/home page and move a portlet from column1 to column2.
      3. Refresh the page.

      Results: the reset button & help message "This page has been changed since the last update from the site template. No further updates from the site template will be applied. Click Reset to overwrite the changes and receive updates from the site template." appear behind the dockbar. See attached image: st_msg.png

      IMPORTANT: With a 1920x1200 resolution, the Reset button is hidden behind the dockbar. Thus, there's no way to reset the page.

      A similar behaviour is observed in a page from a page template allowing changes automatically, in this case the message is short but with some resolutions it could be hidden. See attached image: pt_msg.png


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