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The UI to view and add child sites is inconsistent and in some cases confusing



      In particular:

      • The tabs "Browse" and "View All" are demostrating to be confusing in the user testing the UX team has done
      • Some times the UI uses "subsite" while in other cases it uses "child site". PM has decided that "child site" is better.
      • The list of actions for a given site provides an entry for each site template to create a child site using it, but that is not clear by looking at the list. It should be replaced with a single "Add Child Site" action that is shown next to "View Child Sites".
      • When viewing the list of subsites of a site, in the right actions menu it shows one called "View Subsites". It should be hidden from this view (besides being renamed to "View Child Sites" when shown).
      • When creating a new child site, it should say so in the title instead of "New Site".
      • Instead of the action "Manage" it should say "Site Administration"




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