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Web contents with custom structure aren't imported with copy as new data strategy



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Control Panel
      2. Click on Web Content
      3. Create a Structure and a Template for it (eg. testStructure testTemplate)
      4. Add a web content with the new structure
      5. Publish the web content article
      6. Click on the wrench icon at the top and click Import/Export
      7. Under Range, choose 'All', and then Export the LAR
      8. On the left hand side of the control panel under 'Portal', click 'Sites'
      9. Click Add > Blank site
      10. Enter in a name and click save
      11. Make sure you are in the site's control panel and click web content on the left side again
      12. Click the wrench icon and then click import/export
      13. Click on the import tab
      14. Choose the exported file and choose 'Copy as New' for the data strategy
      15. Click import

      Result: Web content skipped during import because structure is missing. But the structure (and the template) is imported correctly.

      Issue can't be reproduced on trunk, because of some major refactor.




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