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Previous version of a web content does not expire when a new version is published.



      Fixed in Branch
      Web content does not expire in Master

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Create a new web content. Uncheck the Never Auto Expire option and keep the default expiration time of one year. Publish the web content
      2) Display the web content in the Web Content Display portlet
      3) Edit the web content. Make some changes in the body and change the expiration date to 2 minutes from now. Publish the web content again
      4) The Web Content Display portlet now displays the changes in the web content
      5) Wait for 2 minutes. The new version of the web content expires. Now the web content display portlet displays the previous version of the web content.

      In the above case, we expected the web content display portlet to not to show the older versions of the content as those versions should be expired when a new version is created.

      Note: It may take several minutes or server restart to see old content.


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