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Liferay Portal Tooltip doesn't allow the user to mouse over because it disappears making it impossible to click links in the tooltip



      This issue occurs in every place where we have a link inside a Liferay Tooltip. Here are the steps to reproduce this in Document Library, although it can also be reproduced in the Control Panel -> Server Administration -> Captcha (mouse over the help icon next to "Enable reCAPTCHA".

      1. Add a Documents and Media portlet
      2. Upload a file to the Documents and Media portlet
      3. Click on the file you just uploaded.
      4. Click on the WebDAV URL link (After the "Download" and "Get URL" link)
      5. Click on the ? thought balloon next to the text "WebDAV URL"

      A little popup window appears with a link to a "patch" from Microsoft. There's also a link to "Read More". But it's impossible to click on the links because the popup window will disappear as soon as you move your mouse away from the ? balloon.


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