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Content box does not display in Web Content, Blogs, Wiki, or Message Boards when adding new ones on IE9



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Navigate to Admin > Content > Web Content, Blogs or Message Boards
      2. Add a content of the particular type
      1. Navigate to Admin > Content > Message Boards
      2. Click [Post New Thread]
      3. See content field (as expected)
      4. Refresh the page.
      5. See missing content field (bug)

      Expected result:
      User will be able to see the content field and input content there.

      Actual result:
      User cannot see any text box for content input. See screenshot; when checking on HEAD in 6.2.x, there were missing ckeditor options in IE9, but other browsers were ok (FF_22, Chrome 29).

      Update: Seen on Chrome 29 when on Weblogic 11 + SQL Server 2012.

      Note: To get the content field to show again, you need to clear your browser cache and refresh.

      Warning in JS console:
      SEC7112: Script from [URL] was blocked due to mime type mismatch


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