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A User is unable to localize input after re-opening a panel dialog



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Sign into Portal as an administrator
      2. Click the Edit Panel button
      3. Interact with the "Friendly URL" field
      notice that "Friendly URL" field's input localize flags are active
      4. Close the Edit Panel
      5. Repeat step #2
      6. Attempt to add a locale for "Friendly URL"

      Expected result: the user can add a locale to the "Friendly URL" field in the Page field.

      Actual result: the user is unable to add a locale to the "Friendly URL" field in the Page field. The input localizer fields are all greyed out


      This issue also affects other places in portal. I've seen this happen in Categories, Tags to name other examples. It causes a lot of annoying behaviors like closing a form field making the user believe their action was successful, but the form was never submitted


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