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Fix bugs notifications regarding locale options for users



      When the locale used for browsing doesn't match the prefered locale of the user and the portal.property is locale.prepend.friendly.url.style=3 there is a notification message to the user telling him that he's browsing a site/page in a different locale than his preferred locale.

      This notification is overlapping the dockbar which creates a big confusion.

      There are some cases where the user browses http://localhost:8080 and he is automatically redirected to http://localhost:8080/es. This shouldn't happen when the algorithm is 3. If the user hits http://localhost:8080 he should see the page in his prefered language but he shouldn't be redirected.

      The notification message can be close by cliking the X. However, next time the user clicks in a link the notification is there again. If the user clicks the X the message should be dismissed for this session so it doesn't show up again. When the user logs out and logs in again the notification message will be displayed again if necessary.


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