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After Upgrading 6.1 to 6.2 User cannot edit form template fields when a DDL file upload field is present



      Since 6.2 no longer utilizes File Upload fields in DDL, having a File Upload field upgraded from 6.1 is still present in the Data Definition and makes Form Template unable to edit. No exceptions are thrown in MySQL database but SQLServer throws errors on startup (see attached errors).

      These are the steps to reproduce:
      On MySQL Database
      1. Start 6.1 Bundle
      2. Create DDL Data Definition with File Upload Field
      3. Create Form Template with data definition
      4. Add Record
      5. Upgrade to 6.2
      6. Start liferay
      7. Assert Record exists with File Upload field
      8. Edit Data Definition
      9. Assert File Upload exists in DDM
      10. Edit Form Template
      11. Assert DDM is blank
      12. Assert unable to drag and drop additional fields

      On SQLServer
      1. Follow Steps 1-5 from above
      2. Assert exceptions on startup

      Expected Result:
      File Upload Field upgrades to Documents and Media Field (or other solution) and no adverse effects in DDL Definition and Templates

      Actual Result:
      Unable to upgrade database on SQLServer. File Upload field still exists and unable to edit Form Template after upgrade




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