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Global private asset category assignment can be removed unintentionally



      1. Log in to the portal with the default user
      2. Create another user e.g. testuser, and make it a member of the default Liferay site
      3. Assign the 'Site Administrator' site role to testuser
      4. Still as the default user, create an asset category in Global scope e.g. My Own Global Category
      5. Set the category's 'Viewable by' permission to be viewable only by the Owner
      6. Within Liferay site, create a web content article
      7. Assign My Own Global Category to the article and publish it
      8. Log out and log in as testuser
      9. Open the web content article created above, note that you can't see the category assignment, which is good as it's only viewable by it's owner
      10. Modify the content of the article and publish it
      11. Log out and log in again as the default user, then open the web content article

      Result: the category assignment got deleted when testuser published the article


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