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Nav instances disappear on mobile views



      On mobile views, all instances of nav component collapse by default disappearing from view with no alternative solution.

      Testing steps from LPS-40595:
      Steps to reproduce:
      Navigate to a page in the mobile view
      Tap/click to navigate to the Add > Page sidebar

      Expected results:
      There should be page type options

      Actual results:
      There are no page type options

      Testing steps from LPS-40382:
      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a page of Panel type, and check the box for Collaboration
      2. Navigate to the Page in a mobile view (width is less than 980 pixels)
      3. Click the Collaboration dropdown icon (which is also broken: LPS-40381)

      Expected results:
      The list of portlets should appear in the dropdown

      Actual results:
      No portlets are shown, and the icon doesn't do anything. Refreshing does not help. This issue may be related to LPS-40381

      Testing steps from LPS-39998
      1. Start Portal on a mobile device OR adjust your browser's width
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Users and Organizations

      Expected Result: The user can navigate to User and Organization sub-pages (Browse, All Organizations, All Users)

      Actual Result: The sub-page navigation list (e.g. Browse, All Organizations, All Users) does not appear


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