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On deletion, last post dates are incorrect in Document Library, Message Boards


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      Steps to reproduce
      1. Admin > Site Administration > Content > Documents and Media
      2. Add folder named "folder1"
      3. Navigate into 'folder1' and add Basic Document "doc1" - take note of the time when published.
      4. Wait 2 minutes, then publish another Basic Document in 'folder1' called "doc2".
      5. Move 'doc2' to Recycle Bin.
      6. Check last post date value of 'folder1' - found in DLFolder table.
      7. Last post date value reflects the posted date of 'doc2' instead of 'doc1'.

      Expected outcome: The last post date should show the post date for "doc1".

      Actual outcome: The last post date shows the post date for "doc2".

      When an FileEntry/FileVersion or Message is deleted, we do not update the last post date for folder/thread to the proper date. We should set it to the date of the last added/updated entry or message.

      This may require traversing the entire folder/thread, which should be offloaded to a separate thread to reduce overhead from this kind of metadata.


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