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Redirect loop will occur if an unauthenticated user tries to access a site that has at least one page that doesn't have view permission for the guest user and is also hidden from navigation.



      Steps to reproduce

      1) Create a site named "Employees" using community site template.
      2) Leave all configuration to default in the site creation page
      3) Site "Employees" should have two pages, "Home" and "Wiki"
      4) In Site Pages setting, uncheck the Guest View permission for "Home" page
      5) In Site pages setting, check Hide from Navigation Menu for "Wiki" Page.
      6) Now copy the friendly URL for the site, for example, "http://localhost:8080/web/employees"
      7) Log out
      8) Access the copied URL in the Browser.

      Actual Behavior: This webpage has a redirect loop error will displayed on the browser (Chrome)

      Expected Behavior: I am not sure what should be the expected behavior, however, it should not cause an redirect loop. The user should at least still reach a page to login.

      Reason: When accessing the URL. Since the guest user has no access to the Home page, the permission logic is trying to the next accessible page in the site. Wiki is accessible by guest, and portal will try to redirect the user to that page, however the property hidden from navigation is causing a redirect loop.


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