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After adding multiple DM documents, the DM portlet is sent to "Add Document" page when another portlet is edited on the same page



      After adding multiple documents to the DM portlet and staying on the add multiple documents page, if you navigate to another portlet on the same page (this has been tested against both blogs and wiki), and edit that portlet, the DM portlet will have switched to the "add document" page and when the user clicks "cancel" there is no response.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add doc media portlet and some other portlet (Wiki)
      2. Add Multiple Doc and Media
      3. Save and do not hit Back button
      4. Add Wiki Front Page or other portlet content
      5. Assert Doc media portlet is at "add doc" window
      6. Click Cancel in Doc media portlet

      Expected result:
      After adding the Wiki Front Page, it will appear and the DM portlet will still be on the "Add Multiple Documents" page.

      Actual result:
      The DM portlet re navigates to the "Add Document" page after content is added to the Wiki Front Page. When the user navigates to the DM portlet clicking "Cancel" does not respond.


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