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Database migration fails with legacy database



      Database Migration throws exception when customer uses tables from legacy database. Migration try to migrate legacy tables also, but does not find it.

      Error message :
      "user lacks privilege or object not found" when migrating from hsql

      steps to reproduce

      1. Create a service builder portlet that uses a legacy database or you can use the attached legacy-db-portlet- portlet.
      2. If you are using the attached portlet:
        • create database "legacydb" in mysql with root, no password. If you use another credentials, modify ext-spring.xml in portlet.
        • you do not need any table in "legacydb"
      3. create a a database "migrateto" in mysql
      4. Start Liferay
      5. Deploy the portlet
      6. Migrate your database
        • go to Admin -> control panel -> server administration -> Data Migration tab
        • fill in the form:
          • JDBC Driver Class Name : com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
          • JDBC URL : jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/migrateto
          • JDBC User Name : root
          • JDBC Password : leave empty
        • Click on Execute button

      Experienced behaviour

      Exception in logs, migration fails, portal shuts down.

      Expected behaviour

      Error/warning message, migration finishes.


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