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Assigned asset categories not published to live



      1. Enable local staging
      2. Add some asset category to the default vocabulary, e.g. cat1, cat2, cat3
      3. Create a web content and assign cat1 to it
      4. Add an Asset Publisher to a page and modify it's configurations so that it display Categories metadata
      5. Publish to live and uncheck Categories, so that only the assigned categories should be published, not all of them
      6. Check your Asset Publisher on the live site and note that the web content lost it's category assignment

      On trunk this works fine, and it was fixed as part of LPS-35786. It is a big refactoring task with 18 commits that rewrites a lot of things on the UI and the backend also. And it's still only 1 of the 21 subtasks of LPS-35333. That being said, there is no way to backport.

      Note: The use case of exporting and importing separately is being worked on in LPS-41340. That use case works improperly on trunk also, so I'm fixing it there and will backport it. The customer's use case is for staging only.


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